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Henry Moreau 1869-1943

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Les modèles

Henry Moreau was born in Mons, Belgium in 1869. He was a painter and father of Max Moreau. He primarily painted women, nudes, portraits, genre scenes, and flowers. Moreau played with light and shadow in his paintings. He exhibited first in Anvers in 1892 and then in “Grands Salons” at the “Trienniale” in 1909 and the L’Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Bruxelles in 1910. He also exhibited in Wiesbaden in 1913, in Brussels in 1918, and at the Salle “Oor” in Anvers in 1928.
In the press, Moreau was recognized as a painter of feminine beauty with dancers, nudes, and the undressed as his preferred subjects. The refinement of his subjects refers to a sensibility that doesn’t miss any chance to influence the imagination.
He is listed in Paul Piron’s Dictionnaire des Artistes Plasticiens de Belgique des XIXe et Xxe Siecles.
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