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Ernest Procter 1886-1935

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The Zodiac 1925

The Mischievous Boy

Ernest Procter was born in Tynemouth, Northumberland. From 1907-1910 he was a member of the artists’ colony in Newlyn, Cornwall, studying at Stanhope Forbes’ school of painting. In 1910 he went to study in Paris at Atelier Colarossi. He married fellow painter Dod Shaw (1892-1972) in 1912 and they lived in France for a number of years. It was not until 1918 that they returned to Newlyn.
Procter was a fine landscape painter but he is better known for his portraits, examples of which can be viewed at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

During the First World War Procter served with the British Red Cross Society as an orderly in Dunkirk, documenting his experiences in works of art. After the war he and his wife were commissioned to decorate the Kokine Palace in Burma (1919-20).

By the end of the 1920s he turned to more allegorical and religious subjects. He designed a screen which was in place at St. Mary’s Church, Penzance until it was destroyed by fire on Saturday 23rd March 1985. Along with other Newlyn artists he produced works to decorate the Parish Church of St. Hilary, Cornwall.
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