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John Webber 1751-1793

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A woman of Eaoo

A woman of Van Dieman’Land, Voyage to the pacific ocean 1885 Australia

Poetua, the daughter of Oroe, National maritime museum Londres

A young woman of Otaheite, Dancing 1784 Voyage to the pacific ocean Tahiti

A young woman of Otaheite, Bringing a Present 1784 Voyage to the pacific ocean Tahiti

John Webber, the officially appointed artist for Captain James Cook’s third voyage of discovery around the Pacific (1776-1780), along with William Ellis, surgeon’s second mate on the Discovery, provided perhaps the most comprehensive and unprecedented visual record of any of Cook’s voyages.
After leaving England, Webber and Ellis drew and painted the Kerguelen Islands in the far southern Indian Ocean, and Adventure Bay in Van Diemen’s Land (renamed Tasmania in 1855), before moving on to Tonga and Tahiti, then the northwest coast of America, the Unalaska Islands and Siberia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, before returning along the coasts of Southeast Asia. The two artists made drawings and watercolour paintings of everything that came within their ambit, creating the first accurate ethnographic record of Pacific culture.
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